Student Govt./Council Student Government Student Council


To promote cooperation, sound academic environment, leadership, and community service


Member should be enrolled student of this College. However, during disciplinary action resulting in academic probation or above, the member loses privilege of membership


One President, one Vice President, and one Executive for each department shall comprise the Student Government Officers.

General Affairs Budget, Financial planning, and execution.
Business Development Plan out all activities and coordinate all departments
Public Relations Conduct promotion of all activities
Culture Prepare activities related to culture, arts and craft, music, and hobbies
Services Supply manpower for college events
Welfare Protect the students’ rights.
Athletics Specialize in sporting events and outdoor activities.
Women’s Promote women’s rights

1. Those prescribed by the Student Council 2. Student Fee Collection 3. Activity Planning 4. Budget Planning and Report 5. Amendments to the College Constitution 6. Evaluation of student proposals 7. Other activities not requiring Student Council’s approval


1. Regular Monthly Meeting shall be held; the exact time shall be decided by the President. 2. Ad-hoc Committee shall be convened by the order of the President or by the request from more than 4 members of the Council Members. Website to Student Body Student council/Board of representatives Student council Board of representatives

Student Govt./Council Student Government Student Council


The board of representatives consists of representatives of each department and class. The director of board of representatives consists of president, vice president and executive secretary and the vice president elected by the board of representatives (both executive secretary and group of head are designated by president).

Department of Planning It organizes and plans the general business of the board of
representatives and controls the role of each department for execution.
Department of Public
It exchanges the information, data and news with other universities
and takes responsibility for student PR.
Department of welfare It takes responsibility for rights and interests of all the students as well as general welfare facilities and human rights.
Department of Auditing It takes responsibility for expenses that require financial burden
to students’ autonomy institutes and members (such as board
of representatives, student body and club association etc.).
Approval of student council fee Deliberation of business plan and deliberation and decision for business report
Approval of execution of budget Proposal, deliberation of revisions and final decisions
Execution of items decided by executive committee If president, vice president or executive committee violates the rules or commits an error, a non-confidence resolution would be made
for the personnel
Other items that require the decision by board of representatives

– The general meeting will be held early in every semester and impromptu meetings will be called when the president, over 1/3 of the committee or the president of student council request. ? The decisions of board of representatives are resolved by majority attendance of registered representatives and majority agreement of present representatives. Campus Lif

Information About Academic Corporations in College

Information About Academic Corporations in College We, JEI College, operate academic corporations such as JEI Bakery, JEI Food (student restaurant) and JEI Joy (faculty restaurant) for your enjoyment as well as on-site practical education for Department of Hotel Catering and Cooking students. The professors and students of the Department of Hotel Catering and Cooking make delicious and nutritious bread, cookies and meals using high quality, reliable and fresh food materials. Above all, we would like you to enjoy the products of our devotion to food. Thank you.
※ All the profits from the academic corporations are returned to students through scholarships.

JEI Bakery (bakery) and school store
Business hours
  • Bakery: AM 10:00 ~ until the bread and cookies that are made on the same day are sold out
  • School store: AM ~ PM 06:00
Location: 1st floor at Students Hall
Menu: Bread (streusel, anko, red sweet potato, mocha role cake – \1,000 / ea)
  • Cookies (almond save, corn cookie, makadamia nut, choco cookie 4 kinds)
Cookie set: No. 1 (\10,000), No. 2 (\15,000), No. 3 (\30,000)
  • Mocha role cake is sold from AM 10:00 at the school store.
  • Streusel, anko and red sweet potato breads are sold from AM 11:00 at the school store
  • To order cookie set, 2 days in advance (Ext. code 7966, person-in-charge Mr. Changhoon Song)
  • To order over 10 cookie sets, 7 days in advance, for over 100, 2 weeks in advance
  • Monday ~ Friday during the semester and vacation (Except holidays)

JEI Food (Student restaurant)
Business hours: AM 11:30 ~ PM 03:00
Location: 4th floor at Students Hall
Menu: Korean food (3,000 won), Western (pork cutlet – 3,000 won/Sweet potato, cheese port cutlet – 3,200 won)
  • Lunch (Jajang rice – 3,000 won / jajangmyeon – 2,500 won)
  • Snacks (Ramyeon – 2,000 won)
  • General menu is sold between AM 11:30 ~ PM 02:30
  • Snacks (Ramyeon) are sold between PM 01:30 ~ PM 03:00
  • Lunch (Jajangmyeon) limited to 120 dishes.
  • Monday ~ Friday only during the semester (unavailable on holidays and vacation)

JEI Joy (Faculty restaurant)
Business hours: PM 12:00 ~ PM 01:30
Location: 13th floor at main building
Menu: Cafeteria style (4,000 won)
  • Unpolished rice and staple food are provided with various menus such as Korean, Western and Chinese cuisine
  • Monday ~ Friday during the semester and vacation. (Except holidays)