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Academic Calendar

2015 Academic Calendar

2015 Academic Calendar
Month Date Schedule
February 16(Mon) ~ 21(Sat) Registration, Admissions
26(Thu) 2014 New Student Reception
March 2(Mon) First Day of Spring Semester
2(Mon) ~ 13(Fri) Drop/Add
2(Mon) ~ 20(Fri) Drop/Add for Non-new Students
27(Fri) 1/4 Completion
April 20(Mon) ~ 24(Fri) Midterm Exam
24(Fri) 2/4 Completion
May 5(Tue) Children's Day
28(Thu) ~ 29(Fri) JEI University Olympics
25(Mon) Buddha's Birthday


3/4 Completion
June 8(Mon) ~ 12(Fri) Reading Day
17(Wed) School Anniversary
15(Mon) ~ 19(Fri) Final Exam
15(Mon) ~ 26(Fri) Grades Due
17(Wed) ~ 7.4(Thu) Grades Received
19(Fri) 4/4 Completion
22(Mon) Summer Vacation
22(Mon) ~ 8.14(Fri) Leave of Absence for the Term
July 22(Wed) Grades Inspected
August 5(Wed) 2014 Fall Graduation
17(Mon) ~ 21(Fri) Registration, Admissions
12(Wed) Faculty Luncheon
24(Mon) First Day of Fall Semester
24(Mon) ~ 9.4(Fri) Drop/Add
24(Mon) ~ 9.11(Fri) Drop/Add for Non-new Students
September 2(Wed) ~ 24(Sat) 1st Applications Received
18(Fri) 1/4 Completion
October 12(Mon) ~ 16(Fri) Midterm Exam
16(Fri) 2/4 Completion
23(Fri) JEIU Celebration
November 3(Thu) ~ 17(Thu) 2st Applications Received
13(Fri) 3/4 Completion
28(Sat) ~ 29(Sun) Interview of Early Admission Applicants
December 11.30(Mon) ~ 4(Fri) Reading Day
7(Mon) ~ 11(Fri) Final Exam
7(Mon) ~ 18(Fri) Grades Due
9(Mon) ~ 25(Fri) Grades Received
11(Fri) 4/4 Completion
14(Mon) Winter Vacation
24(Thu) ~ 2016.1.5(Tue) Regular Admission Applicants Received

2016 Academic Calendar

2016 Academic Calendar
Month Date Schedule
January 13(Wed) ~ 14(Thu) Test and Interview for Regular Applicants
29(Fri)~2.2(Tue) New Student Registration
February 15(Mon)~20(Fri) Registration, Admissions
18(Thu) 2015 Commencement