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Department of Digital Information

Aim of Education

This department complements theory with practical education related to general digital electronics, which are essential for the IT fusion industry and its advanced development. It provides sophisticated education promoting creative thinking and international awareness through the management of community-centered ventures associated with authoritative professors. Based on this, this department establishes a cooperative relationship between academy and industry with more than 50 corporations that help groom young professionals with first-rate technology education, who can adapt to the dynamic industrial environments of the future.

Education Policy

This department aims to endow young professionals with the academic capacity to positively influence diverse industries through study in basic theories such as electronic circuitry and digital engineering, and practical experiments in various technologies (such as automatic control and collective circuit design, etc.). In addition, the aim of education is to provide technology-oriented education that can have immediate application in the industrial sector.

Post-Graduation Career
  • Government
  • Government or private academia
  • Mass media and related industry
  • Electronic circuit design or ARTWORK related industries
  • Digital design and manufacture industry
  • Semi-conductor design- and supply-related industry
  • Semiconductor Design Engineering, Semiconductor Design Industrial Engineering
  • Industrial Measurement Control Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Industrial Engineering, Medical Electronic Craftsmanship
  • Computer Technician, Computer Engineering