Department of Computer Information 

Since 1984, the Department of Computer Information has produced a number of graduates for the computer and internet fields (which can be referred to as the “spider web” of the IT industry). In today’s society, where people cannot live without computers or the internet, the Department of Computer Information is a bastion of education that will continue to actively develop professional programmers and web designers for the IT industry with the best instruction and profession knowledge.


• Aim of Education

To provide future IT specialists with creative power and competitiveness by teaching professional knowledge and techniques for computer and internet related fields and to educate them in practical programming, system management, and web design.


• Management Policy for Department

  1. Development and management of industry-oriented curriculum
  2. Management of project-based practical technology program
  3. Cooperative network construction with local community
    – Academy · industry cooperative network constructio
    – Exchange of resources and technologies between industries
  4. Employment Opportunities
    – Employment reinforcement training for on-site, adaptive professionals
    – Development and management of industry-sponsored employment program
    – Reinforcement of students’ practical capacity through internships
  5. Improvement of educational environment
    – Expansion of cutting-edge educational facility
    – Close instruction for students through mentoring programs
  6. Management of study groups for humanity, specialty technology, and employment
  7. Maintenance of a fun learning atmosphere


• Management Policy for Department

  • General enterprises and computer-related industries / portal site industries / software development and web content manufacturer /
  • Internet service and content provider / internet shopping industries / design and planning related industries / information technology field freelancer /
  • IT educational institute management and faculties / video design and manufacture / mobile content industries / assorted internet related ventures
  • Electronic circuit design or ARTWORK related industries
  • Governmental information-related departments / various shopping mall enterprises /


• Licenses

  • Information Processing Industrial Engineer/ Network Manager / Computer Applicable Power / Computer Personnel /
  • Computer Graphics Engineer / Web Design Engineer / Multimedia Contents Producer / Internet Information Management /
  • PC Repair Personnel / Electronic Appliance Personnel / Manager of Electronic Trade / Programming Capacity Requirement (CPQ)/ Official Technician in Microsoft (MCSE etc)/ Cisco License / etc.