Department of Cosmetics 


Aim of Education

The Department of Cosmetics is the only such department in Gyeonggi province: the Mecca of the Korean cosmetic industry — with over 500 cosmetic related industries. It is operating its curriculum for the development of professionals with skill sets catering to specific customer and industry needs. The main subjects consist of Skin Care / Make-up Cosmetics, Cosmetic Analysis, Cosmetic Composition, Hair Care Cosmetics, Cosmetic Emulsification, Cosmetic Biology, CGMP, New Product Development Projects, Market Research/Brand Projects, Make-up, Skin Science, Esthetics, Image Making, Aroma & Perfume, Basics of Marketing, Marketing Strategy Plan, PR and Logistics, etc. The students learn the intricacies of cosmetic research, educational consulting, CGMP, production management, marketing and skin beauty service. They study theory as well as practical application. Due to generous financial and business support from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the department possesses a state-of-the-art cosmetics manufacturing production facility (ultra mixer, filler, sealing machine, extractor, etc). It aims to produce young professionals for the cosmetic industry rich with the knowledge from diverse on-site practical education.

Policy of Education
  • Development of intelligent, young professionals equipped with cultural awareness and winning personalities
  • Development of young professionals with necessary knowledge and practical technological ability
  • Development of confident, young professionals through vocational training in the cosmetic fields
  • Development of young professionals who can serve the local and international communities
Post-Graduation Career
  • Cosmetic institute Cosmetic quality Control personnel Cosmetic formulator
  • Cosmetic advertisement personnel, cosmetic product planning department, cosmetic marketing manager
  • Instructor, cosmetic consultant, imported cosmetic company
  • Skin beauty management personnel, make-up artist, cosmetic shopping host
  • Skin Beauty Care Personnel
  • Colorist
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Aroma Therapist
  • Make-up
  • Natural Soap Manufacture