Department of Early Childhood Education 

The Department of Early Childhood Education was the first department established in JEI College (formerly Daeheon Technical College) in 1982. A number of College alumni act as teachers and principals of local kindergartens and some alumni have moved to supervisor and administrative positions in education. JEI College’s attached kindergarten was opened in 1983 and renovated into a cutting-edge facility in 2002. It is utilized for optimal on-site practical education. The Department of Early Childhood Education will maintain its position as the leading department for preschool education in the Seoul and Incheon regions by cultivating excellent teachers with theory and practical education throughout the future.


• Aim of Department

To groom professional preschool and kindergarten educators.


• Department Policy

Basically, this department focuses on education in humanities and encourages a respectful image of children’s educators through the combination of theory and practical education based on sincerity and a sense of responsibility.

  • Development of sense of mission
  • Establishment of autonomous research attitude
  • Solidarity based on multi-dimensional conversation
  • Security of practical education facilities and materials


• Active On-Site Guidance and Reinforcement of Practice

The department practicum is negotiated and occurs between JEI College and cooperating kindergartens (academy-industry cooperative) in order to expand the opportunities for observational practice and on-site education and provide opportunities for future practical education.


• Specialization of Department

Preschool education and institute-ordered education / Development of on-site practical business capacity / Reinforcement of humanities education.


• Post-Graduation Career

Kindergarten teacher, various kindergarten positions, practical skills instructor, children’s educational institute, children’s educational facility, academy, etc.


• Licenses

  • Regular Teacher of Kindergarten Class 2
  • Fostering Teacher Class 2
  • Practical Skill Teacher (Fostering) Class 2