Department of Health and Environmental Engineering 

The Department of Health and Environmental Engineering, established in 1988, aims to cultivate young professionals who can contribute to both society and practical business fields by acquiring professional knowledge and technological understanding to help cope with general issues. Students are encouraged to use a scientific and creative approach regarding human, health and environmental issues. Students research the relationship between human beings and their environment from an ecological perspective. They are also taught the general theories and practical business related with health problems of human beings.

Main subjects

Microbiological Ecology, Water Treatment Engineering, Air Pollution Prevention Technology, Processing Tests, Energy and Resources, Industrial Hygiene, Applicable Projects, Earth Pollution, Interior Environment and Health, Public Health Administration, Public Health Environment Practice, Public health Science

Post-Graduation Career
  • (Health areas)
  • Public health hygienist, medical facility health manager, hospital coordinator, researcher for health related institute, etc.
  • (Environment areas) Researcher at construction environment related institute, air environment engineer, tap water engineer, water resource manager, sewage treatment engineer, environment consultant and earth environment engineer, etc.
  • Also, public health and environment related personnel

There are many kinds of licenses such as Water Quality Environment Industrial Engineer, Air Environment Industrial Engineer, Waste Industrial Engineer, Noise and Vibration Industrial Engineer, Environment Engineer, Natural Ecological Recovery Industrial Engineer, Industrial Hygienic Management Industrial Engineer, Industrial Safety Industrial Engineer, Dangerous Material Industrial Engineer, Gas Industrial Engineer, etc. If a graduate has worked in one field for over 7 years, he/she is permitted to acquire a certificate of craftsmanship.