Department of Hotel Catering and Cooking 

Passion to chase worldwide tastes and desire to become a global leader of Korean dining?these are the fundamental ideals of the Department of Hotel Catering and Cooking at JEI College. The department of Hotel Catering and Cooking at JEI College is where dreams of the globalization of Korean food come true by way of on-site-oriented education along with full experience with diverse cuisines and cutting-edge facilities.


• Subjects

Korean Food Cooking Practice (Basic, Middle, Advanced), Western Food Cooking Practice (Basic, Advanced), Patissier Practice (Basic, Advanced), Japanese Food Practice, Italian Food Practice, High Class of Chinese Cuisine Practice, Traditional Korean Cookie and Rice Cake Practice, Vegetable Garnish, Cooking Theory and Production Manual, Bromatology, Dietetics, Food Hygiene and Regulations, Public Health, Food Styling and Space Presentation, F&B Service, Catering Industry Management, Cost Management, Hotel Menu Management, Food Purchase, Group Meal Provision Management.


• Post-Graduation Career

  • Chef at international and domestic hotels and catering industries
  • Professional food stylist
  • Professional cooking academy lecturer
  • F&B specialist (Barista, Sommelier, Specialist for traditional wine , etc.)
  • Catering venture
  • Other food related personnel


• Future of Hotel Catering and Cooking “Center of Globalization of Korean Food”

  • Outline
    The Globalization of Korean Food Center of JEI College in Incheon plays the role as the academic institute for excellence in Korean food catering for young professionals and members of the local community by expanding facilities for academics, research and academy-industry cooperation. The aim of the center is to support the development of related industries.
    Main facility
    Lecture room and practice room for the development of young Korean food professionals (Korean Food Practice Room I, II, Western Food Practice Room I, II, Patissier Practice Room, Eastern and Western Food Practice Room, Food Styling Practice Room, Restaurant Practice Room, Cooking Practice Room, cutting-edge lecture room)
    The Institute of Globalization of Korean Food for Korean food research (Institute of Fermentation Technology, Institute of Traditional Wine and Institute of Korean Food Culture)
    Lecture room and practice room at permanent educational institute for local communities (Tea Manners Practice Room, Patissier Practice Room, various cooking practice rooms, Cooking Demonstration Lecture Room, cutting-edge lecture room)
    School venture for on-site centered education (cafe styled bakery, traditional Korean food banquet, restaurant for traditional Korean food, convention center, etc.)
    Direction for operation
    Axis of globalization of Korean food
    Establishment of the originality of Korean food through food research and consideration for the direction of further culinary development
    Stepping-stones for the globalization of Korean food
    • Development of excellent young professionals through Korean food education
    • Korean food education for local residents
    • Activation of international trade in Korean food
    Catalysis of globalization of Korean food

    • Activation of academic Korean food corporation
    • Activation of related business through research