Department Hotel Management and Catering Services 


• Aim of Education

The Department of Hotel Management and Catering Services strives to develop young professionals who can meet the tourism development trends in Incheon and Gyeonggi Province, as well as the growth of tourism industry in 21st century.
The JEI Hotel Management and Catering Services department majors develop and showcase a service-oriented mindset, practical knowledge and personal capability that can contribute to the industry by participating in practical, on-site education via extensive academy-industry cooperation. The Department continues to develop the abilities of tour professionals by focusing on international trends and mastery of languages (English and Japanese), which are necessary for global service.


• Educational Direction

Keeping pace with the dramatically increasing tourism requirements in Incheon and Gyeonggi province, this department aims to develop young professionals for this dynamic tourism industry.

– Curriculum that relates to practical business – Maintaining Departmental competitiveness by offering incentives for linguistic education – Community Service and Volunteering ? Increasing employment quality and acceptance – Close guidance through mentoring program – Developing young professionals for success in society




• Departmental Philosophy

Future of Hotel Management

– Based on tourism education, this department emphasizes humanity, proper etiquette and positive attitude. This department also develops the best young professionals in the corporate world; the students develop competitive language acquisition and construct beneficial social networks to further a career in hotel and tourism service


• Post-graduation Career

  • (Hotel Business Field) Tourist hotel, condominium, and youth hostel etc
  • (Catering Business Field) Catering business at hotels and assorted catering industries, etc
  • (Leisure Business Field) Information, sales, reservation and general affairs at theme park, golf course, ski resort
  • (Tourism related institute) Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Tourism corporation, Tourism association, Tourism related industries etc.
  • (Others) Duty free shop, casino, convention planning, stewardess, professional lecturer, service consulting, sommelier and wedding planner etc


• Licenses

  • Hotel Service
  • Director of Operation
  • Sommelier
  • Bartender
  • POS
  • Hotel Management
  • Hotel Administration
  • Domestic Tour Guide
  • International Tour Guide
  • TOPAS Reservation
  • Tour Interpreter