Department of Information and Technology 


• Aim of Education

With the aim of developing practical engineers and future-oriented professionals who will work in the fast-growing information/communication industry, this department organizes and manages practical, on-site curricula and bolsters students’ skillsets by offering courses that lead to professional license acquisition.


• Contents of Education

  • Based on the basic courses of information communication, this department is classified into 3 fields: land/wireless communication, information technology manufacturing, and information technology service.
  • For the first year, students are educated with basic courses, including Information Communication Engineering ⅰ·ⅱ, Electromagnetism and Waves ⅰ·ⅱ, Basic Communication Experiments ⅰ·ⅱ, Digital Engineering and Experiments ⅰ·ⅱ, Circuit Theory and Experiment ⅰ·ⅱ, Mentoring ⅰ·ⅱ and they are encouraged to acquire credits in PC Maintenance Engineering in PC Use Practice ⅰ·ⅱ and a Linux Master license from Server Management ⅰ·ⅱ.
  • For the second year, students are will study Information Communication Equipment ⅰ·ⅱ, Antenna or Wireless Communication Equipment ⅰ·ⅱ, Communication Applied Experiments ⅰ·ⅱ, Semi-conductor Application ⅰ·ⅱ, Optical Communication Networks ⅰ·ⅱ, Network Management ⅰ·ⅱ. Students will also be provided with special lectures from practical business CEOs, on-site practice, mentoring ⅲ·ⅳ, etc. They will fully experience the on-site adaptive power required by the information communication field. The students are also encouraged to acquire Information Communication Industrial Engineer and Wireless Facility Industrial Engineer and CCNA certificates, etc


• Post-Graduation Career

Server/network management industry, network/communication industry, hardware/device industry, mobile/wireless industry, semi-conductor and electronic appliance industry, communication device, and media device industry, electric communication industry, computer system design industry

  • High speed communication: net service industry: KT, LGU+, SK Broadband
  • Network field: network system construction and maintenance corporation
  • Mobile communication field: LG U+, KTF, mobile communication system construction and maintenance corporation
  • Electronic circuit design or ARTWORK related industries
  • IT manufacturer: Samsung Electronics, Samsung semi-conductor, LG Display, communication device manufacturer
  • Internet related business etc


• Licenses

It is a prerequisite to acquire communication licenses to work for communications network industry.

  • 1st year: PC technician, Linux master
  • 2nd year: Information Communication Industrial Engineer, Industrial Engineer Radio Telecommunication Equipment, CCNA