Department of Life Music
Specification of Department

As the one of the only music related departments in the Incheon area, it is possible to choose various majors from classical areas (Piano, Vocal Music, Composition, Instrumental Music, etc.) to practical music areas (Pop Songs, Musicals, CCM, New Age Music, Accompaniment, Guitar, Drum, Practical Music Composition, etc.). The department aims to cultivate excellent young music industry professionals through systematic music lessons as well as vocational education courses.

Aim of Education

Alongside the goal of producing the professional musicians and vocational personnel required in the 21st century, the department also aims to cultivate creative musicians, respectful of the value of cultural arts. Graduates are groomed to play the role of central leader of each area of society through the systematic teaching of theory (from classical to popular music) and through practical education classified and separated into specialized sub-majors.

Policy of Education
  • Fostering the quality of professional musicians via education in theory and practical skill
  • Establishment of a future-oriented creative research attitude
  • Development of practical educational programs and visual study materials
  • Development of practical man power and promotion of employment through academy-industry cooperation
Method of Education

The department aims to improve personal ability and increase the quality of musicians in Korea thorough both systematic education in theory and the practical skill tuition required by society and.

Post-graduation Career
  • Establishment of music related industry (academy, lesson institute, ensemble room, concert hall, practicing room and audio room, etc.)
  • Practical skill teacher for preschool and elementary school
  • Performance Industry
  • Transfer to 4-year university or continued study abroad
  • Musical, chorus, orchestral accompaniment or performer
  • MIDI, CF, broadcasting and film music production
  • Music engineer
  • Computer music related industry
  • Music coordinator
  • Personal lessons

The students can acquire certificates of practical musical skill if they complete their basic prerequisite subjects (6 credits) and teaching subjects (Outline of Pedagogy and Practical Skill Education Methodology)