Department of Social Welfare 


• Education Aim: Develop the professional welfare personnel with training in both humanities and practical ability

The department of social welfare aims to train the professional and capable social welfare personnel that will be required throughout the 21st century by cultivating social on-site executive power with professional knowledge and executive techniques through various theories and practicing methods as well as practical on-site experience.


• Education Policy

Operation of employment-oriented department based on academy-industry cooperationThe department undergoes practical on-site education through academy-industry cooperation with various social welfare related institute and facilities to cultivate the practical on-site ability of social welfare personnelDevelopment of social welfare personnel with the theory of customer satisfaction as well as practical business skills(Prerequisite courses, include: Theory of Customer Satisfaction, Vocational Manners and Conversational Manners, etc.)Operation of various practical curriculums aimed at certificate acquisition (including: Social Welfare Personnel, Juvenile Guidance Personnel and Healthy House Personnel, etc.)Operation of Government Officer Academy and education designed for the professional development of specialized social welfare officers


• Employment Guidance

  • Post-graduation licenses

    Social Welfare Personnel Class 2, Juvenile Guidance Personnel Class 3, Healthy House Personnel

  • Employment and career guidance
    • Social welfare specialized officer (through official appointment and examination) Become a specialized social welfare officer through official appointment and examination
    • Personnel at social welfare institute ecome a life instructor at a social welfare facility (care facility, etc.)
    • Act as juvenile guidance personnel at juvenile training center, juvenile training institute, juvenile camping site, juvenile cultural house, etc.
    • Career: transfer to 4-year university course or study abroad at a sister university.