Department of Sports and Recreation 

The Department of Sports and Recreation cultivates effective leisure sports instructors who can contribute to national development by contributing national sports promotion as well as encouraging sports culture. Along with excellent practical skills and administrative power, students learn to pursue the expansion of sports and recreation infrastructure as well as advance community sports and leisure programs in order to improve national health and quality of life.


• Aim of Education

The department of Sports and Recreation aims to reinforce classroom education with practical, on-site education to provide students with the professional techniques and capacities that the industry requires. Students will receive education in humanities and become qualified intellectuals equipped with good personalities and cultural awareness that can help them to benefit others.

  • 1) Development of young professionals based on practical business principles
  • 2) Development of young professionals with the capacity for sports administration and management.
  • 3) Development of young professionals who can efficiently maintain and manage various sports facilities
  • 4) Reinforcement of practical education (2 licenses per one student rule)

The department of Sports and Recreation aims to produce capable young professionals for the leisure sports industry. Since the sports and recreation industry has become diversified in the 21st century, education is deepened for each course through the separation and classification of sub-majors: Life Sports Instructor, Sports Industry On-Site Personnel and Security Service Instructors.


• Main Subjects

  • (1st semester, 1st year)
    Swimming, Squash, Bodybuilding, Golf, Taping Treatment, Health Management and Mentoring I
  • (2nd semester, 1st year)
    Major Practical Skill II (select one among Swimming, Squash or Bodybuilding), Martial Arts, Basketball, Winter Sports, Children’s Sports and Life Sports, Exercise Physiology, Recreation and Mentoring II
  • (1st semester, 2nd year)
    Major Practical Skill III (select one among Swimming, Squash or Bodybuilding), Dance Sports, Leisure Sports Management, First Aid and Safety Management, Training Methodology, Civil Security, On-Site Practice, Major Practical Business, Outline of Pedagogy and Mentoring III
  • (2nd semester, 2nd year)
    Major Practical Skill IV (select one among Swimming, Squash or Bodybuilding), Sports Psychology, Sports Sociology, Bowling, Massage, Mentoring IV and Practical Skill Education Methodology


• Post-Graduation Career

  • [Academy-Industry Cooperation Industry]
    Incheon Facility Management Corporation, Korea Juvenile Life Sports Association, Incheon City Sports Association, Promotion Safety Management
  • [Swimming related industry]
    Inspa World, Tiger World, Olympic Memorial Hall Swimming Pool, Jeong Swimming Pool
  • [Bodybuilding / Squash Related Industry]
    21st Century Fitness Center, Royal Fitness Center, E-Spa Leisure Center, Yugyeong Aqua Health Sauna, SM Fitness Center and Star Fitness Center
  • [Security Related Industry]
    S-One (Dongbu branch), 4S United, Wine security, JYS Bodyguard, First Security, Semi Mind