Department of Tax Accounting 


• Aim

To develop young professionals who can efficiently conduct accounting and business management affairs and provide them with professional knowledge and skills for corporate management.


• Education Policy:

The Korean economy is growing under a new paradigm of information-oriented globalization. Owing to the dramatic increase of computerized business affairs and their complexity, as well as the diversity of tax-related regulations and tax laws, the need for accounting information decision-making is increasing and able professionals are strongly required.
Young professionals with creative thought and practical knowledge of accounting law can help spearhead the business world in the 21st century, where they are highly sought after.
The department of accounting coordinates practical knowledge-oriented education through accounting and tax affair industry partnerships.


• Post-graduation Career

  • Accountant, tax accountant, controller, secretarial and general bookkeeping, etc.
  • Public accountant, licensed tax accountant, value appraiser
  • Accounting firm, tax firm representative, tax representative
  • Internal Revenues officer



  • Computing Account Class 2 and 1
  • Computing Tax Class 2 and 1
  • Computing Accounting Personnel Class 3, 2 and 1
  • Accounting Class 3, 2 and 1
  • Corporation Accounting Class 3, 2 and 1
  • Accounting Management Class 3, 2 and 1