Incheon JEI UNIVERSITY, is an
Employment-oriented college with global, professional academic reach.

Dear all,
I warmly welcome you to the Incheon JEI College website.president_01Incheon JEI College believes in nurturing the professional men and women of the information society of tomorrow via the principle of “independent education.” Unique open study environments foster unique personal gifts and ingenuity. We offer some of the best academic curricula in Korea through generous contributions from the JEI Foundation. With the aim of cultivating and training professional men and women who will rise to the challenges of the future, Incheon JEI College provides one of the best educational environments, including active cooperation between JEI College and local community and industry along with optimized curricula and latest educational facilities. The 21st century’s knowledge-based, information-oriented society is extremely competitive and prioritizes individuality and creative power. In the arena of infinite competition, the best way to realize your dreams and vision is to receive practical education as well as humanity-based, on-site education. We, at Incheon JEI College, are doing our utmost to ensure our students achieve their boundless potential and to help nurture them as competent leaders in society. Incheon JEI College is an employment-oriented college effectively
providing global, professional education. We are truly expecting all of our students to achieve their
dreams and become the professionals of the world of tomorrow. Together, we hope to
become the leaders of history in Incheon JEI College. Incheon JEI College is waiting for you,
the perfect JEI prospect,
Thank you.