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scholarship infomation
Type Selection Criteria
High School GPA Honor Students 4.0 GPA Average
Honor Students Selected by Each Department
(Scholarship given to more than 10% of the students)
Special Scholarship for
Professional High School Students
Above 2nd highest grade in High School
GPA For enrolled students with high GPA
More than 10% of enrolled students are selected
Superior Early Admission Excellent GPA among early applicants
(need to maintain required GPA during the term)
College Government College Government, College Council
Officer of Departmental Student Clubs
Need-Based Poverty-stricken
Disabled (self or parents)
Single-parent family
Child Care Center Graduates
Family of the Faculty College
College-affiliated Organizations
Veterans Self or child
GPA Improvement SHighest percentage of GPA improvement
Corporate Assistance Corporate-sponsored student
National Security Excelling students in National Security
Study Abroad Excelling students in each Department