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Student activities

Student activities

Student Govt./Council Student Government Student Council

To promote cooperation, sound academic environment, leadership, and community service


Member should be enrolled student of this College. However, during disciplinary action resulting in academic probation or above, the member loses privilege of membership


One President, one Vice President, and one Executive for each department shall comprise the Student Government Officers.


General Affairs Budget, Financial planning, and execution.
Business Development Plan out all activities and coordinate all departments
Public Relations Conduct promotion of all activities
Culture Prepare activities related to culture, arts and craft, music, and hobbies
Services Supply manpower for college events
Welfare Protect the students' rights.
Athletics Specialize in sporting events and outdoor activities.
Women's Promote women's rights


1. Those prescribed by the Student Council 2. Student Fee Collection 3. Activity Planning 4. Budget Planning and Report 5. Amendments to the College Constitution 6. Evaluation of student proposals 7. Other activities not requiring Student Council's approval


1. Regular Monthly Meeting shall be held; the exact time shall be decided by the President. 2. Ad-hoc Committee shall be convened by the order of the President or by the request from more than 4 members of the Council Members. Website to Student Body Student council/Board of representatives Student council Board of representatives