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Student activities

Student activities

Student Govt./Council Student Government Student Council

The board of representatives consists of representatives of each department and class. The director of board of representatives consists of president, vice president and executive secretary and the vice president elected by the board of representatives (both executive secretary and group of head are designated by president).


Department of Planning It organizes and plans the general business of the board of
representatives and controls the role of each department for execution.
Department of Public
It exchanges the information, data and news with other universities
and takes responsibility for student PR.
Department of welfare It takes responsibility for rights and interests of all the students as well as general welfare facilities and human rights.
Department of Auditing It takes responsibility for expenses that require financial burden
to students’ autonomy institutes and members (such as board
of representatives, student body and club association etc.).


Approval of student council fee Deliberation of business plan and deliberation and decision for business report
Approval of execution of budget Proposal, deliberation of revisions and final decisions
Execution of items decided by executive committee If president, vice president or executive committee violates the rules or commits an error, a non-confidence resolution would be made
for the personnel
Other items that require the decision by board of representatives


- The general meeting will be held early in every semester and impromptu meetings will be called when the president, over 1/3 of the committee or the president of student council request. ? The decisions of board of representatives are resolved by majority attendance of registered representatives and majority agreement of present representatives. Campus Life