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Information About Academic Corporations in College

Information About Academic Corporations in College We, JEI College, operate academic corporations such as JEI Bakery, JEI Food (student restaurant) and JEI Joy (faculty restaurant) for your enjoyment as well as on-site practical education for Department of Hotel Catering and Cooking students. The professors and students of the Department of Hotel Catering and Cooking make delicious and nutritious bread, cookies and meals using high quality, reliable and fresh food materials. Above all, we would like you to enjoy the products of our devotion to food. Thank you.
※ All the profits from the academic corporations are returned to students through scholarships.

JEI Bakery (bakery) and school store
Business hours
  • Bakery: AM 10:00 ~ until the bread and cookies that are made on the same day are sold out
  • School store: AM ~ PM 06:00
Location: 1st floor at Students Hall
Menu: Bread (streusel, anko, red sweet potato, mocha role cake - \1,000 / ea)
  • Cookies (almond save, corn cookie, makadamia nut, choco cookie 4 kinds)
Cookie set: No. 1 (\10,000), No. 2 (\15,000), No. 3 (\30,000)
  • Mocha role cake is sold from AM 10:00 at the school store.
  • Streusel, anko and red sweet potato breads are sold from AM 11:00 at the school store
  • To order cookie set, 2 days in advance (Ext. code 7966, person-in-charge Mr. Changhoon Song)
  • To order over 10 cookie sets, 7 days in advance, for over 100, 2 weeks in advance
  • Monday ~ Friday during the semester and vacation (Except holidays)
JEI Food (Student restaurant)
Business hours: AM 11:30 ~ PM 03:00
Location: 4th floor at Students Hall
Menu: Korean food (3,000 won), Western (pork cutlet - 3,000 won/Sweet potato, cheese port cutlet - 3,200 won)
  • Lunch (Jajang rice - 3,000 won / jajangmyeon - 2,500 won)
  • Snacks (Ramyeon - 2,000 won)
  • General menu is sold between AM 11:30 ~ PM 02:30
  • Snacks (Ramyeon) are sold between PM 01:30 ~ PM 03:00
  • Lunch (Jajangmyeon) limited to 120 dishes.
  • Monday ~ Friday only during the semester (unavailable on holidays and vacation)
JEI Joy (Faculty restaurant)
Business hours: PM 12:00 ~ PM 01:30
Location: 13th floor at main building
Menu: Cafeteria style (4,000 won)
  • Unpolished rice and staple food are provided with various menus such as Korean, Western and Chinese cuisine
  • Monday ~ Friday during the semester and vacation. (Except holidays)