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Welfare Facilities

Welfare Facilities

Information About Digital Learning Hall
  • At the digital Learning Hall on the 3rd floor of the Main Hall, there are multimedia PCs (80), DVD players(15) and a small theater (40 seats). Comprehensive searches such as web, multimedia (VOD, CD-ROM, AOD), internet news, Web OPAC (archive list) searches are all possible and printing is available. Also, there is a data preparation room where 48 students can study together. Students with valid student ID cards can freely use the multimedia facility (80 seat multimedia PC room and DVD room) in the Learning Hall.

Digital Learning Hall Image

  • Opening time: 09:00 ~ 19:00 (Except weekends and holidays)
  • Information About Learning Hall
  • Internet data search room: 80 high performance computers with high resolution monitors for reports, internet searching, games, etc.
  • DVD room
  • 700 DVDs including the latest films and educational materials
  • Complete preparation of 16 DVD/VTR combo players: available for two persons
  • DVD small theater (film)
  • Large-sized screen: available for 40 persons
  • Business hours: AM 10:00 ~ 12:00 and PM 14:00 ~ 16:00
  • For small group watching, make a reservation 1~2 days in advance
  • Printing service room
  • 2 Color TVs and 3 B/W TVs
  • Laser printer (50 pages), color printing (300 pages)
  • Information About Other Uses
  • Bring student ID card while in the Digital Learning Hall
  • Contact No.: 032-890-7058
Information About Central Library
It is located on the 2nd floor of the Main Hall with 40,000 books and 200 seats.

Opening Hours

Classification Weekdays Weekends or holidays
Material room or reference
and periodicals room
09:00~18:00 -
Common reading room 06:00~23:00 06:00~23:00

Limits on Number of Borrowed Books and Duration

Classification Number of Books Duration
Students 3 14 days
  • Information On Use
  • It is possible to search the status of books and bibliographies through various search criteria such as author, title, publisher etc. (using the librarywebsite)
  • It is required to bring a student ID card with you while in the Central Library.
  • When lending books, use lending-exclusive computer.
  • When returning, use returning-exclusive computer.
Central Library
  • If the books are not returned by the due date, there might be penalties expressed on students' welfare, such as scholarship.
  • Information on book requests
  • You may request the books prepared in the book request notice board in the website or [Book request form] at the reading room.
  • Additional Information
    For information on library or books, contact library.
    Book lending, returning and other questions: 032-890-7050
Information on Gymnasium
The gymnasium is open for all students

Information on Gymnasium and Subfacilities

Classification Location Opening Hours Opening Days
Gymnasium 5th floor,
Engineering Hall
PM 1:30 ~ PM 7:00 Monday ~ Friday
Fitness center 1st floor,
Students Hall
AM 9:00 ~ PM 7:00
Shower room 4th floor,
Engineering Hall
AM 9:00 ~ PM 7:00
  • Rules
    + You may bring your own exercise equipment or you may use the provided equipment in the gymnasium.
    + Wearing sports uniform (you may not enter with inappropriate uniforms or shoes)
    + You may not bring food or beverage (other than water/ion beverage) into the gymnasium.
    + Please clean up after use.
  • club Recruitment
    + Recruitment: Basketball, badminton-sports that can be played indoors
    + Personnel: JEI students and faculty