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Department of Childhood Education

Introduction of Department

The value of togetherness. Together, value. “First-ever teacher” for the dreams and future of our children!
The goal of this department is to cultivate on-site practical teachers through various theoretical and practical studies, creative teachers with a global outlook and competencies, teacher with proper character who loves children, and teachers who exhibit servant leadership of serving others. In addition, mentor-mentee programs between senior and junior students in school clubs, comfortable consulting with mentoring professors, acquisition of various certifications through *cash-back programs, etc. have helped record an annual 90% employment rate.

* Cash-back program: Program that pays 80% of educational costs to students who took certification classes other than provided in the regular major and who recorded 100% attendance rate

Department Features/Strengths

Practical education through theoretical and on-site practices

90% annual employment rate

Department scholarships (business scholarships, professor scholarships, etc.)

Teachers with character, creativity and expertise

Acquire 4-year diploma and go on to graduate school through bachelor’s degree major intensification course

Become child care expert as day care center teacher or director, etc.

Licenses and Certifications

  • Child care teacher (level 2)
  • Early childhood traditional music teacher
  • Baby massage instructor
  • Early childhood English teacher
  • Clay art
  • Children’s Chinese character teacher
  • Balloon art
  • Art psychology therapist
  • Hand play instructor

Employment Fields

National, private and corporate child care centers, General child care support center, Children’s toy rental store, etc.