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Department of Artificial Intelligence Department of Computer & Information Technology

Introduction of Department

The goal of this department is to “foster wired and wireless integrated web/app development and knowledge contents development experts with understanding on AI platform technologies who can converge IT and software and can adapt to work sites quickly for the age of the 4th industrial revolution.” Considering the aptitude and employment suitability of participating students, it looks toward high employment rates through customized employment consulting and guidance for various positions.

Department Features/Strengths

Practical technical education programs based on curriculums and projects that pursue practical application skills

Foster competitive experts by offering mentoring programs, study groups, and employment and start-up clubs

Offers practical and customized education through industry-academic cooperation agreements and field experience learning

Constructed practicing environment for development and operation of Windows, iMac, Linux, smart phones and pads, etc.

Offers the society customized industry-academic program, social media convergence class and participates in SW quality management convergence classes

Licenses and Certifications

  • Information processing industry technician
  • Computer graphics operating technician
  • Computer proficiency GTQ (nationally certified graphic technology qualification)
  • Web design technician
  • E-commerce master certification
  • Internet information administrator
  • PC mechanic
  • OCJP (Oracle Certified Java Programmer)
  • CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administrator)
  • MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist)
  • COS (Coding Specialist)
  • ISTQB (S/W tester certificate)

Employment Fields

Processing department of general companies, computer-related companies, portal site operating companies, software development and web contents development companies, mobile and smart phone contents production companies, internet service and contents provider, internet shopping mall operators, homepage production and shopping mall construction companies, system integration companies, system operation and information security companies, game development companies, etc.