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Department of Interior Architecture

Introduction of Department

This department fosters ‘interior designers’ that design pleasant indoor environments by optimizing functional, aesthetic and technical conditions for indoor spaces of buildings. In order to create creative and unique spaces,
it provides basic education for thinking capacities, observation, expression and design editing abilities, followed by
a specialized and systemized design education system.

Department Features/Strengths

Due to the improved living standards and increased demand for remodeling, there is high demand for interior architecture experts.

Professors with practical capacities and on-site experience provide up-close guidance for students from admissions until employment, and there are many graduates who are now working in prominent companies of Korea

Acquire high computer graphic skills through department club activities

Licenses and Certifications

  • Indoor architecture (industry) technician
  • architecture (industry) technician
  • construction safety (industry) technician
  • construction equipment (industry) technician
  • construction material (industry) technician/li>
  • AutoCAD certification
  • colorist (industry) technician

Employment Fields

Interior architecture, architecture & design offices, interior material and construction companies, construction companies
Interior design companies, architectural design offices, interior material and construction companies
Environmental design companies, exhibit design companies, display companies, design item companies
Stage design companies, set design companies, VMD (Visual Merchandising), party planning
Furniture design companies, lighting design companies, coloring companies, CG companies