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Department of Electronics

Introduction of Department

With the goal of cultivating practical mid-level technicians in the ICT sector, which will be at the core of the 4th industrial revolution, this department compiled a curriculum focusing on on-site practices to enhance on-site competitiveness in the electronic technology sector, and we are providing education to cultivate future-oriented electronic technology experts equipped with both character and skills. Areas of employment receiving the most attention are semiconductor device maintenance and repair technology sectors, IoT and drone design technology sectors, and industrial robot control technology sectors, and we operate practice-oriented educational programs customized to the work site so it can be applied to field duties when hired.

Department Features/Strengths

Operation of department by ensuring employment and providing scholarships (tuition): Society-customized departments (LINC+ smart manufacturing industry leader class), student stage learning parallel program (IPP), employee stage learning parallel program, Uni-Tech class, etc.

Operation of bachelor’s degree major intensification course (Department of Electronic Engineering): We offer bachelor’s in engineering degrees through junior and senior electronic engineering major intensification courses.

Construction of practice infrastructure education environment customized to companies/linked to qualifications: We provide various practice and educational environments to help students acquire certifications and improve job skills to gain an edge for employment.

Licenses and Certifications

  • Industrial technician (electric, electronic, electronic calculator control, production automation, semiconductor design, information processing, biomedical, electronic CAD)