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Department of information & Communications

Introduction of Department

With the goal of fostering practical mid-level technicians to work in the ICT sector, which is the core of the 4th industrial revolution, this department cultivates futuristic information communication experts with character and competency, while elevating on-site competitiveness in the information and communications sector through the operation of a curriculum focused on on-site work. The curriculum focuses on practical work to proficiently complete information communication system work such as in the major career paths of SW testing, internet service construction and maintenance and repairs, server construction and operation, and information communication device inspection and maintenance and repairs.

Department Features/Strengths

Started in 1971 as the Department of Communications and Department of Wireless Communications and formed a vast human network in public institutes and industries

Fostered competitive and customized human resources through government financial support projects such as the work-study program, project for fostering technical colleges to lead industry-academic cooperation customized to the society (LINC+), etc.

Education customized to field work through field practices and industry-academic cooperation agreements

Foster competitive expert personnel through mentoring programs and study groups

Foster expert testing engineers through LINC+ society customized departments

Licenses and Certifications

  • Information communication industrial technician
  • Wireless equipment industrial technician
  • Information processing industrial technician
  • PC mechanics
  • MOS
  • Network administrator,
  • Server operation administrator
  • Computer security expert

Employment Fields

Network construction and operation (KT Service, SK Broadband, LG U+, etc.), mobile communications base station management (KTmos, Blue Networks, etc.), server construction and application (Smile Serve, Korea Server Hosting, etc.), communications broadcast equipment technician (SBS broadcasting station, Pyeonghwa Broadcasting Corporation, YTN, etc.) S/W testing (Infiniq, System Award, etc.), and semiconductor equipment maintenance and repairs (Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, etc.)