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Department of Global Hotel Foodservice & Culinary Arts

Introduction of Department

This is a leading department for the Ministry of Education’s Leaders in INdustry-college Cooperation (LINC+) fostering project and technical college specialization college, and WCC (World Class College) project, and based on the
high-tech lab and professors with abundant professional experience, it operates a practical curriculum based on NCS to foster world-class culinary experts to work in global hotel and restaurant fields.

Department Features/Strengths

Procured outstanding faculty with abundant experience in industries as well as the latest equipment with the goal of cultivating global hotel and restaurant cooks

Operates employment-assurance type WCCA human resources class (overseas) and restaurant industry leading class (domestic) through the Leaders in INdustry-college Cooperation (LINC+) fostering project

Selected as WCC (World Class College) and operates joint educational program with Kingsway College of the UK

Through industry-academic linking with practical NCS education courses, it fostered ideal personnel for employment and achieved the nation’s highest employment rate

Licenses and Certifications

  • Western craftsman cook
  • Korean craftsman cook
  • Chinese craftsman cook
  • Japanese craftsman cook
  • Blowfish craftsman cook
  • Confectionary and bakery craftsman cook
  • Culinary industry technician
  • Food production technician
  • Craftsman bartender
  • Coffee barista, Sommelier

Employment Fields

Overseas five-star hotel, Domestic five-star hotel cook, Overseas government agency cook, Conglomerate restaurant cook, Famous restaurant cook, Famous bakery and confectionary patissier, Private culinary academy instructor, Food stylist, Domestic and foreign menu R&D expert, Restaurant start-up, Domestic and foreign restaurant consultant, F&B expert (barista, sommelier, craftsman bartender), party planner