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Department of Health Management

Introduction of Department

This is a department that integrates the skin cosmetic major and health management instruction and its goal is foster skin cosmetic health management experts who can provide holistic health care for each life cycle of the wellness era. It organized and operates convergent educational courses customized to the site in link with famous domestic and foreign skin cosmetic businesses, health care companies, and big-data based smart health care companies.
It is a trending department that will lead the wellness industry of the 4th industrial revolution.

Department Features/Strengths

It expanded existing skin cosmetic care fields (care fields: skin care, holistic management) with the goal of fostering skin cosmetic health management experts who can provide health diagnostics and holistic health management per life cycle

In order to realize its goal of cultivating health management experts, it operates integrated and convergent educational courses such as skin care, holistic care and posture correction exercise therapy, physical shape (correction) care, anal pain care, growth care, damage and rehabilitation therapy, diet instructions, health psychology therapy, hospital health coordination, obesity studies, muscle studies, nutrition studies, etc.

Through student empower training such as linking to acquiring certificates by completing the curriculum, clinical practice for different subjects, field experience and practical training at domestic and foreign businesses, foreign language education, and industry-academic-government community volunteer activities, it is realizing high quality employment and leading community development

Licenses and Certifications

  • Beautician (skin) license
  • national skin care certificate
  • sport instructor
  • diet instructor
  • aroma therapist
  • hospital coordinator
  • Health administrator
  • Physical shape (correction) administrator
  • Smart growth system operation administrator

Employment Fields