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Department of Cosmetics

Introduction of Department

This department operates experience and field-based curriculums to cultivate cosmetic product experts that will lead K-beauty with the goal of cultivating experts in quality management, manufacturing, R&D and marketing in the cosmetic industry. We foster cosmetic experts who will work in cosmetic product research, quality management, production management, marketing, vendor management, etc. by organizing and operating a curriculum on R&D, quality management and production management needed for producing basic cosmetic products (toner, essence, lotion, cream, perfume, soap, cleansing products, etc.) and color-based cosmetic products (BB cream, lipstick, foundation, eye shadow, mascara, makeup base, etc.).

Department Features/Strengths

Procured highest competitiveness in Korea among cosmetic product departments by focusing on education concentrating in practices per major

Field practice education provided in the nation’s best high-tech lab

Employment at good companies after graduation by operating customized curriculum for cultivating practical field personnel

Happy school life through character education and volunteer activity guidance by expanding the mentoring system

Foster cosmetic experts through various exchanges using networks with cosmetic companies

Employment Fields

Cosmetic product quality manager, cosmetic product researcher, cosmetic product manufacturer, cosmetic product marketer, cosmetic product instructor, cosmetic product perfumer