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Department of Marketing Management

Introduction of Department

The Department of Market Management was opened in 2017 to cultivate experts to be in charge of business with both domestic and foreign counterparts at domestic and international sales, marketing and online marketing sites.
It is located in the Songdo Campus. It is possible to commute from not only within Incheon, but also nearby Seoul, Bucheon, Siheung, and Ansan, and furthermore, a dormitory that can accommodate 300 students was built at the Songdo Campus and has been opened since March 2019 for students who live far away from the school.

Department Features/Strengths

Operates GLB (Global Luxury Business) special class to receive national financial aid to find employment
at duty-free stores

It is located in Songdo International City and there are many global companies in the vicinity

Foster corporate sales and (online) marketing personnel that fit the global environment

Cultivate domestic and foreign sales and (online) marketing experts and overseas marketing experts

Invite celebrity speakers in sales, marketing and online marketing sectors as professors

Licenses and Certifications

  • Trade English level 1, 2, 3 (Korean Chamber of Commerce)
  • computer certifications (MOS, ITQ)
  • E-commerce Transaction Manager level 1, 2 (Korean Chamber of Commerce)
  • Chinese
  • HSK
  • English TOEIC

Employment Fields

Can find employment in corporate sales department, marketing department, online marketing department, overseas marketing department, duty-free store, and other office management position