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Department of Applied Music

Introduction of Department

With the goal of contributing to the various culture and arts industries in the New Media Age and to foster applied music experts that can act as pivotal leaders in the creative and performing arts sectors, this department offers systematic theory and practice-centered education in majors, general education and character education for basic work capacities, and department specialization, integration and convergence education programs, and furthermore, based on traditional Korean culture and spirits, it provides education to build self-identities to cultivate music education experts, popular music creators and performance experts that are distinguished from that of other colleges.

Department Features/Strengths

It developed and operates an NCS-based curriculum focusing on general education and performance needed for applied music, ensembles, recording related to computer music, sound design, web contents music production, synthesizer research, studio technology, and music software research, etc. It cultivates creative human resources who will reach out to the world by creating a new Korean pop culture wave with the insight and storytelling abilities for understanding the flow of the times and the art industry, while understanding the rapidly changing market, as well as outstanding pop musicians of various genres, new personnel in the music contents industry, for pop, Korean pop, rock, funk, jazz and blues.

Licenses and Certifications

  • DAW-related certificates such as ProTools (AVID), Logic (Apple), Cubase (Steinberg)
  • practical music instructor certificates

Employment Fields

Applied music composers, music arrangers, singer-songwriters, performers, music education experts, sound engineers, agencies