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Department of Photography & Media Arts

Introduction of Department

The Department of Photography & Media Arts has a history that traces back 30 years and it focuses on cultivating experts in the photography and media arts fields with proper character by offering specialized photography and media arts education needed in the photography, broadcast video and digital media sectors.

Department Features/Strengths

Field practice and employment at family companies and industry-academic cooperation companies

Positive participation and volunteering through photography and media arts at local events

Signed industry-academic cooperation agreement with media arts companies and provides support for employment at broadcasting companies

Development and participation in smart contents by operating a web movie research center

Promotes alumni activities to strengthen relationships of the department and alumni

Licenses and Certifications

  • Photography technician
  • Computer graphics operating technician
  • Digital video editing certification
  • Web design technician
  • Multimedia contents production expert
  • GTQ certificate

Employment Fields

National broadcasting station, general cable channel, cable TV, photo studio (advertisement, wedding, baby), photo journalist (newspaper)