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Department of Song-Do Bio-Environmental Engineering

Introduction of Department

Both domestic and abroad, interest is rising in the environmental pollution prevention sector and medical sector that can treat diseases. Accordingly, this study provides education on the environment and bio to meet social demands for such personnel in order to cultivate human resources in the bio-environmental engineering sector.

Department Features/Strengths

Operates curriculum focusing on practical skills (applied on site) to improve the job performance in the environmental and bio sectors

Foster competitive experts based on mentoring programs, study groups, and human relations through networks with graduates and alumni

Customized education for the workplace through industry-academic cooperation agreements and on-site field practice

Licenses and Certifications

  • Water quality environmental industry technician
  • Air environment industrial technician
  • Noise and vibration industrial technician
  • Waste industrial technician
  • Natural ecology restoration industry technician
  • Industrial hygiene administrator

Employment Fields

Environmental sector: water quality administrator, water quality analysis expert, air administrator, air analysis expert, environmental consultant, national and corporate research center researcher, corporate quality manager and analyzer, environmental technician, etc.
Bio sector: Pharmaceutical company researcher, industrial hygiene administrator, medical facility hygiene administrator, researcher at health-related research centers, etc.