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Department of Hotel & Tourism

Introduction of Department

Near Incheon International Airport, five-star hotels and resorts, large casinos and theme parks are being built. Furthermore, Songdo has developed into an international convention city and therefore, the curriculum is being operated optimized in elevating expertise, service orientation, attitude and foreign language skills in hotel resorts / travel and flights / tourism and duty-free shopping with the goal of ‘fostering human resources customized to the service industry of Incheon’ and ‘fostering tourism experts’ who will lead the global tourism service industry.

Department Features/Strengths

Lead development of the community utilizing the expertise of outstanding faculty with many years of hands-on experience (practical capacities, employment leadership) in the hotel, travel and tourism sectors

Recognized as a department that emphasizes character and volunteer activities (up-close mentoring for guiding students)

Enhance practical abilities through domestic and overseas field studies and on-site training

Employment matching with companies by operating NCS-based customized job performance enhancement programs

Offer opportunities to improve job performance and expertise through Capstone design classes

Licenses and Certifications

  • Hotel service specialist
  • craftsman bartender
  • sommelier
  • barista
  • flight reservation and ticketing level 2 (TOPAS, SABRE)
  • foreign language (TOEIC, New HSK, HSKK, JLPT)
  • domestic travel guide
  • overseas travel tour conductor (T/C)

Employment Fields

Hotel food & beverage server, F&B expert (barista, sommelier, craftsman bartender), hotel resort guestroom receptionist, hotel reservation and customer service, restaurant manager, restaurant business consultant, etc.
Travel industry (travel package consulting/flight booking), duty-free business (sales, VMD, pick-up area, information), airline ground crew, international airport service sector, etc.