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Department of Social Welfare

Introduction of Department

In the 4th industrial revolution, jobs that cannot be replaced by AI will be jobs that work with humans. A variety of human desires are being displayed in modern society and policies and systems are being created to accommodate these. This department is aware of the changing environments and is cultivating experts in fields where high demands are expected in the future by constructing a network with social welfare institutes and facilities in the Incheon, Seoul and Gyeonggi areas. We are creating social welfare workers with specialized programs unique to our department such as cooperative projects with SK Incheon Petrochem and 31 volunteer study club organizations.

Department Features/Strengths

Professors with various social welfare experience

Construction of various industry-academic cooperation systems with institutes and facilities related to social welfare

Operation of practical curriculum to enhance job performance capacities at social welfare site

Earn 4-year diploma by operating a bachelor’s degree major intensification course

Eligibility to apply for social welfare worker level 1 and youth leader level 2 certificates

Strengthen employment competency through various volunteer activities

Licenses and Certifications

  • Social welfare worker level 2
  • MOS
  • Balloon art
  • Face painting
  • POP hand-writing
  • Art psychology therapist

Employment Fields

General social welfare centers, general welfare centers for the disabled, general welfare centers for senior citizens, senior citizen human resource development center, residential facilities for the disabled, child care facilities, regional children’s center, hospitals, health and family support centers, mental health centers,
long-term care facilities for senior citizens, daytime protection centers, public employees in charge of social welfare, etc.